About Us

Renee Rasinski, Owner

I began learning the language of dogs at the age of 1 while living in West Berlin, Germany. My very first friend was a neighbor’s 100-pound German Shepard named Maxx. Although he understood German and I was yet unable to speak, we managed to conquer the language divide and developed a wonderful friendship. What I learned from him and the bond that we created has transcended into all of the dogs (family, friends, personal, and clients) that have passed through my heart over the past 50 years.

In 1998, I adopted my first personal dog, a black Labrador Retriever, named Tucket. It was through Tucket — and my realization that we needed some assistance — that I found The Pawsitive Dog. What I didn’t realize in the 3 years that I was initially training was that this would become the initial building block of my new career. A truly faithful companion in every definition of the word, and I am honored that it was with me that he chose to spend his life.

In 2004 and after 20 years in the corporate world, I set out to find my second career with the promise to myself that it would be something fulfilling and dear to my heart. Knowing how much enrichment I received from sharing my life with Tucket, and how vital my dog walker had been to me, Wanna Walk was born.

In 2008 and 4 years into my new business and striving to improve the quality of care in the dog walking field, I returned to training at The Pawsitive Dog. This was not only to brush up on Tucket’s obedience and manners, but also to better myself which results in providing better care to my clients. It is, and always has been, imperative to me that I become as educated as possible while caring for your pets while out on a walk, playing in the park, or spending the night at The Tucket Inn

In 2011, Wauwinet (“Win”), another black Labrador Retriever, joined my household. Having this bundle of joy is a wonderful refresher for me and has brought me “back to basics” in dog ownership. My oh my how I had forgotten how much energy and fun a puppy brings into the household. We have been on a bi-weekly training class schedule since he was 3 months old with the goal to compete nationally in obedience. As we say “Wauwinet is in it to win it”!

In 2012 and in an effort to round out my training experience, I was honored and humbled to be invited to join The Pawsitive Dog team as an intern during the evenings — what a fabulous learning experience it has been. It has given me the opportunity to handle and observe dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments under the guidance and expertise of Jenifer Vickery, Head Trainer at The Pawsitive Dog, and more recently, Francis Holder and Scott Dunmore, as a guest trainers at The Pawsitive Dog. Not only does this internship perfect my handling skills, it also perfects my ability to “read” the dogs in my care. Having completed Levels I and II (a total of 1,000 hours of hands on learning), I am ready to begin Level III and then IV (for another total of 1,000 hours).