Something to Talk About

Very quickly Renee became much more than our “dog walker” – Renee became our go to whenever we had questions about training, dog behavior, food, supplements, and physical conditions/ailments. You name it – Renee knows it and is so generous about sharing her knowledge with you – “the client”. Renee walked our Bullmasti, Lola, for years and was always flexible about the times and days we needed her. She was also more than accommodating in allowing us to vacillate back and forth between playgroups and walks when Lola was recovering from surgery. Besides walks, Lola has also stayed with Renee and The Tucket Inn when we have gone away and frankly I wouldn’t trust Lola with anyone else. Even though we have recently moved out of the city and no longer have Renee as our dog walker (despite our attempts to have her move to our new neighborhood), Lola still stays with her whenever we go away.

Lola is my child. She is a member of this family and receives the very best in veterinary care, food, toys, etc. and Renee falls into that category. She is not only our dog walker, Renee is also our friend and has definitely become part of Lola’s pack. We couldn’t love or recommend her more! — Lola, Joanne & Mike




Renee walked and loved our Casey girl for five years, and I truly cannot say enough about her services and the wonderful person she is in general.  Casey truly was a member our family and Renee treats her the same way – whether it’s on a daily walk or when she is a guest at “The Inn”. You always know when Renee has come by because we get a very tired and extremely happy greeting by our dog when we return home from work. She is not only reliable but she is very aware of all her clients and their needs and brings it to our attention if she notices a change in health or behavior. I would recommend her 1,000 times over but selfishly want to keep her a secret because we really did cross paths with the best of the best in Southie with Wanna Walk. — Casey, Sarah & Mike



Renee has been walking Carlin, our 2 year old yellow lab for the last year and a half, and we couldn’t be more pleased. When Carlin first started she had visits from Renee twice a day as she was still young. Renee was extremely flexible in the few times that Carlin either didn’t feel well or needed an extra visit, or if we had a change in our schedules and needed Renee to come by on schedule. A few months ago Carlin started group walks with a few other dogs. From the pictures Renee sends, we are pretty sure Carlin in enjoying her new friends! Wanna Walk not only allows us to carry on with our normal weekday schedule knowing Carlin is in great care, but also we have seen the benefits of Renee reinforcing our Pawsitive Dog training while they are together. Carlin has also found herself spending a few nights at The Tucket Inn when we need someone to care for her overnight. We get no complaints from Carlin about these overnights – all she needs is a nap when she returns home.

Anyone in the area who needs someone to look after their dog should absolutely work with Wanna Walk! If your pet is anything like ours, he or she will enjoy the relationship with Renee as much as you do! -­– Carlin, Karen & Gary



talkabout4I was introduced to Renee and Wanna Walk by close friend of mine whose dogs she walked. I had just gotten my first dog, Izzy. I cannot imagine my life as a dog owner without Renee. Renee has been a constant resource for me– whether early morning/late night panic calls about things like how to remove a tick, how I should handle an upset stomach, etc., introducing a raw diet, and the party pants! Renee also introduced me to Izzy’s trainers at The Pawsitive Dog who have been another amazing resource for me. Renee’s involvement first as a client and now as an intern with The Pawsitive Dog makes every walk a tutorial session for Izzy. I cannot recommend Renee and Wanna Walk enough! — Izzy & Jon



Renee has been a part of our family for the last seven years. She is so amazing with our black lab, Jackson, and the bond they have is wonderful! Jackson is always so happy to see Renee and looks forward to seeing her every day! When Jackson is with Renee whether on a walk or boarding at The Tucket Inn, we know he is in the best hands AND receiving unconditional love and attention. My children also look forward to seeing Renee every day as well. She is and always will be a permanent fixture in our lives. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Renee is .. her level of service and professionalism is the absolute BEST! -­Jackson, Tyler & Dan







Wanna Walk is THE BEST! Renee has been helping us since we brought our own Viszla puppy, Bryce, home. We love her and he adores her! She not only walks Bryce, she properly socializes him and reinforces our training at The Pawsitive Dog (where she is also an intern). He is able to expend a lot of energy in his time with her and that makes us very happy parents. We are new dog owners and we go to Renee for advice all the time – she is wealth of knowledge and very helpful. We have also utilized The Tucket Inn and that is a great bonus for us as well. We highly recommend Wanna Walk! -­Bryce, Cara & Franco




When I first got my dog, Makena, like many people it was unplanned. I was not ready for a puppy at all but fell in love and couldn’t wait to be the best mom possible. I 110 percent believe that my dog is as happy, as well trained, and honestly as loved because of the amount of help and guidance Renee provided in the care of my little man. Renee spent (sometimes) hours on the phone with me discussing issues I was having with training, behavior and illnesses, and she worked with him each day to follow through with the training I did at home and most importantly, she truly loves him almost as much as I do. Makena is now 6 years of age and I hope to have him for many more years to come – but when I do get a new puppy, Renee had better be ready for some phone calls!! -­Makena & Courtney






Rosie has been a part of Wanna Walk’s playgroups ever since she moved to Southie five years ago and she loves them! She cannot stop talking about all of her friends whenever I get home! –­Rosie and Jason







I met Renee through our mutual love of dogs. What initially impressed me was watching Renee interact with her own dog and how other dogs were attracted to her. Renee knows how to bring out the best in any dog because she knows – really knows – how to interact, react and act with dogs. She is fair, loving and teaching all at the same time so dogs know what is expected and learn in a healthy environment through positive reinforcement. My Olde English Bulldogges, Bubba and Gracie, LOVE Renee who, of course, brought them Burger King hamburgers on their 5 th birthday with candles to blow out. Even more amazing is that she had them down with the burgers in front of them waiting for her command while taking a picture!! I LOVE Renee because she is always there for you (and your dogs) with love, respect and knowledge that is always spot on. Love, hugs, kisses and licks for Renee!! -­Denise, Joe, Bubba & Gracie






I started using Wanna Walk for walks and playgroups more than eight years ago for my extremely shy and terrified dog, Macy. Renee was incredibly gentle and patient while Macy slowly blossomed into a happy, mischievous people person with almost no trace of her original shyness. Renee has been a constant part of Macy’s life ever since – at least five days a week andoccasional weekend boarding too. It’s tough to imagine it any other way. Wanna Walk provides courteous and professional service, and Renee has always gone above and beyond the call of duty – administering medication when needed and calling when I’ve lee the door unlocked or lee my car on the street on street cleaning (towing) days! I cannot recommend Wanna Walk highly enough! -­Macy & Mike



Renee Rasinski of Wanna Walk is the most amazing dog walker I have ever had – in fifteen years of owning dogs (nine of those years in Southie). Renee is dedicated, caring, and attentive to the dogsin her care and I always know that my dogs are in the best hands with Renee. In the 5 years she has been with us, she has been through every life stage with my dogs from visiting 5 times a day when my sick and elderly dog needed doses of medication or small meals throughout the day to wrangling our new puppy, who at 80+ pounds with boundless energy, is at the opposite side of the care spectrum! Renee rolls with it all in good humor and care for her clients, both four and two legged!  I recommend Wanna Walk wholeheartedly to anyone who loves their dog(s)! -­Lola, Clementine, Beth & Brian



Renee has taken care of my French Bulldog, Kevin, for almost eight years. He could not be in better hands – he runs to the door to greet her every time she comes by, and I know he loves his outings every day. I feel so good knowing that Renee is taking care of Kev when I can’t be home and that he is loved and care for by such a wonderful woman who really knows and understands dogs. Kev especially loves overnights and weekends at The Tucket Inn – goes to the beach, plays with other dogs, and is content and exhausted when he returns home. Renee, Win, and the Wanna Walk crew are truly the best! –­Kevin & Sarah





Renee has taken care of our Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 2004. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have found a wonderful and caring person who feels as responsible, committed and loving toward our dogs as we do. Renee is a true professional and freely shares her knowledge and wisdom around canine training, diet, health and so many other quality of life issues that matter most to her clients. She is wonderful with dogs of all stages of life, needs, and levels of training, from puppy to senior citizen. Plus she brings a level of skill and expertise to her work with dogs that truly sets her apart from all the rest: she is an Intern at The Pawsitive Dog, voted Boston’s Best Dog Training 2012. We love it that Renee works on training with our dog, and gives her lots of love and fun, too! -­Jib, Birdie, Jen & Heather


Wanna Walk has been a part of our lives for the past 8 years. Our dog, Georgia has been an active participant in daily play groups and overnight stays with Renee. Georgia excitedly awaits her daily visits by watching out the window or sitting at the door waiting to hear Renee call out her name – we have learned to stay out of the way when Renee arrives! Renee has watched Georgia grow up and has always treated Georgia as if she were her own. It is clear to see how much Renee cares for each dog and we have a sense of comfort knowing that Renee is the person caring for our dog when we cannot. Renee is flexible and reliable. Georgia has had her share of surgeries, illness, etc. and Renee is always willing to help Georgia on her road to recovery. We can call her in a pinch and Georgia is always more than happy to see her. In 8 years we have never looked to anyone else to care for our Georgia because Renee is that great. Renee holds a special place in our hearts and Georgia’s for being so wonderful. -­Georgia, Tracy, Mark & Madison


Renee is everything you want for your dog during the day. She is punctual, engaged, and reinforces our training from The Pawsitive Dog (and teaches new things) as well as just walks your dog. She loves your dog and loves her job. -­Scoop, Amy, and James









Our yellow lab, Boo, was a loyal customer of Wanna Walk for over 8 years.  Renee’s love of dogs isevident.  Although Boo was over 12, he still looked forward to his play dates. These outings definitely helped to keep him active despite his advanced age. Renee, thank you for taking such wonderful care of our boy. —Boo, Amy, and Stephen










We have had the pleasure of working with Renee and Wanna Walk for several years. Renee is always professional, personable, and trustworthy -­ we know our Frenchie is in good hands during his midday walks. Our neighbors often comment on how happy Clark seems when he is out with Renee, and having seen the way his ears perk up when he hears her voice, I know this to be true. When he’s with Renee, we know she is reinforcing his training and manners and following all the same rules we set for him at home. Plus, I hear she gives out some pretty tasty treats! Wanna Walk gets two thumbs (and two bat ears) up from this family. -­ Clark, Elizabeth & Nick









The-Tucket-Inn4Where do I begin? I met Renee in 2006 when I bought my black lab tucker. Right off the bat, I knew that Renee was something special. At our first meeting, seconds after walking in the door, she was on the floor with Tucker and Angus (my sister’s dog & Tucker’s litter mate). It was at this moment that I knew these puppies were in great hands. Renee quickly became a big part of our life and shortly after, introduced me to my husband! His black lab, Cody, was a client also! From being in my wedding, to spending a few holidays with my family, Renee was not only our dog walker, but a close friend. We have since moved out of South Boston with Tucker and our 2 boys, but Renee continues to be an important part of our life and we are hopeful that she might expand her business to the south shore! She still walks my sisters lab and my parents dogs when they come to visit too! —Suzanne, Doug, Cody, Tucker, Mason



I could not recommend Renee and Wanna Walk any higher – anyone looking for trust worthy, loving, dog walking & sitting – look no further. Renee has taken care of my dogs since I first moved to Boston in 2005. She took the time to take care of my diva dog Chihuahua mix “Claire” – taking the time to find the right group of playmates and ensuring that she always had the front seat all to herself. Claire flourished under Renee’s care – expanding her tolerance for new dogs and experiences. She always came home happy and tired. When Claire passed on and a new Puppy came into our lives – Eddie, Renee was such an instrumental part in his training. He starting going out with her as soon as he came home at 8 weeks. She was even the first person to get him to walk down a hardwood, steep staircase by himself. Renee introduced him into a puppy playgroup – and he came home exhausted and happy from every outing. Now at 3 years old Eddie is such a great dog, gets along with all other dogs and has a 100% recall when off the leash. We know it’s from all the time spent in Wanna Walk playgroups!

It is irreplaceable to have someone you can completely trust coming in and out of your house and knowing they love your dog just as much as you do. Wanna Walk was one of the very best decisions we have ever made, would not trade it for the world. –­­Liz, Kenny, Claire & Eddie